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Rackspace shakes up hosted email

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From CloudAve.com: http://www.cloudave.com/link/rackspace-shakes-up-hosted-email I’ve just caught up with the Rackspace launch of their latest version of Rackspace Email the other day. Rackspace Email is an email hosting service that is firmly trying to provide an alternative to Microsoft Exchange – and brings with it some inherent advantages of cloud computingIt can be thought of as occupying […]

When looking at emails in several IMAP folders one after the other in Mozilla Thunderbird, I got the following error message and was unable to view that folder and the emails in it.

  As you know Exchange Management Shell is an extension of Windows PowerShell (PS). Today I found a really useful PS command to generate HTML reports that include data generated through Exchange Management Shell commands. In an effort to create a “Dashboard” for our Exchange environment, I’ve been trying to find a way to gather […]

Using Telnet to Send Mail

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Sending email through telnet can be a useful tool when testing mail functionality, testing for open relays, or sending mail from admin scripts. This is something I don’t use often enough, so I’ve created this blog as a reminder.

An A-Z Index of the Windows XP command line

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Here is a quick list of all Windows XP command line utilities.