Exchange Schema Versions

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This is an article I first published a couple of years ago to check what schema version a customer was running when performing an Exchange upgrade.  There have since been official articles published by Microsoft, but I prefer to keep my own blog post for easy access. This article outlines how to find the Exchange […]

This article is a quick checklist for preparing your environment for Exchange 2007 or 2010.

In order to enable users to join computers to the domain, grant the following permissions:

AD: Replication Protocols

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Replication links within Active Directory can be configured to use IP, RPC or SMTP for their transport protocols. Each is explained below:

AD: Managing Local Administrator Group Memberships

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Being able to easily delegate access to domain systems is essential for administrators to enable necessary IT staff to manage their environments. The proper OU structure along with the deployment of Active Directory GPOs makes this a fairly simple task. GPOs can be used to add users or groups to local admins or to replace […]

Sync your Domain with an Internet time server

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Recently, the time on all of my domain computers was out of sync. Each computer in my domain had the same time, but it was about 10 minutes slow. Domain computers get their time from your domain controller(s), so I looked into syncing the time of my DC with an internet time server. The steps […]

Removing an Orphaned Exchange 2007 Server

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Recently, I’ve gone through an exercise to rebuild the Exchange 2007 environment at my new company. The original Exchange 2007 design was not what I would call optimal, so we decided to just rebuild instead of fix all of the problems. Luckily, most of the users were still on Exchange 2003, so this made the […]

Active Directory Topology Diagrammer

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Map Active Directory in Visio