This is an article I first published a couple of years ago to check what schema version a customer was running when performing an Exchange upgrade.  There have since been official articles published by Microsoft, but I prefer to keep my own blog post for easy access.

This article outlines how to find the Exchange schema and version in of your Exchange schemas. There is also a list of the schema versions per build type.

To find the attributes listed below use Adsiedit.msc. When you launch asdiedit.msc there are 3 containers listed.

  • Domain: [Domain Controller FQDN]
  • Configuration: [Domain Controller FQDN]
  • Schema: [Domain Controller FQDN]

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Recently, the time on all of my domain computers was out of sync. Each computer in my domain had the same time, but it was about 10 minutes slow. Domain computers get their time from your domain controller(s), so I looked into syncing the time of my DC with an internet time server. The steps below can be used to sync your DC with an internet time server.

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